Prestigious magazine Robb Report praises the quality of our Viñedo Singular sparkling wine

CV Finca Alto Cantabria espumoso

“The First Sparkling Wine to Earn Rioja’s Highest Distinction Is Bold, Effervescent, and Complex”, says Robb Report.

American journalists Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen have written in the prestigious media Robb Report an article dedicated exclusively to our acclaimed sparkling wine Conde Valdemar Finca Alto Cantabria Gran Añada 2017.

Article Robb Report
Article Robb Report by Mike Desimone and Jeff Jenssen

Among other compliments, the article highlights its exclusive and inimitable character.

If you love fine wine but also like to throw around your “limited edition” or “one of a kind” bona fides every now and then, a pioneering Rioja winery has released the ultimate rare wine. Conde Valdemar 2017 Finca Alta Cantabria Viñedo Singular Gran Añada is a unicorn among wines, as the first and so far, only bottling made under two recently introduced categories in Rioja, Viñedo Singular and Vinos Espumos, which translate to “unique vineyard” and “sparkling wine.” Gran Añada translates as “great vintage;” like many vintage sparkling wines this will only be made in exceptional years.

Finca Alto Cantabria
Finca Alto Cantabria

The article goes on to explain in detail what the Viñedo Singular category means for the DOCa Rioja.

Viñedo Singular is not just a single vineyard, it is a “unique vineyard,” meaning the winery must prove to the Consejo Regulador de la Rioja, the regional wine authority, that their vineyard can produce a special wine worthy of the designation, and that the vineyard itself has notable and distinct qualities. While there are quite a few Tempranillo-based still red wines in the category, and several wineries produce sparkling wine, this is the only sparkling viñedo singular being made. The consejo has to approve the production up front, and then taste the wine before it is released. And the wine must be tasted every year before it is put on the market-this designation is not a blanket approval.

As for the tasting notes and characteristics of our sparkling wine, they highlight the number of sensations that this wine causes in them.

With a forceful stream of bubbles, Conde Valdemar 2017 Finca Alta Cantabria Viñedo Singular Gran Añada has aromas of Granny Smith apple, lemon zest, and hazelnut. Flavors of apple and lemon transfer to the taste buds along with a sense of creaminess, bold effervescence, and notes of apricot, dried Mediterranean herbs, and a hint of honeysuckle. There is a palpable sense of mineral chalkiness on the side palate with a bright citrus wash on the finish.

Undoubtedly, a comprehensive, well-documented and rigorous article that we are proud that Mike and Jeff have dedicated to us.

You can read the full article here.

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