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We believe that the Rioja know-how has plenty to offer over and beyond our borders.

Sustainability 360º

It is the project promoted by Valdemar Family to ensure the legacy we want to leave to the next generations and to demonstrate our faithful commitment to international SUSTAINABILITY both in Rioja and in the USA.

“Sustainability is about protecting the planet, slowing climate change and boosting social development without putting life on Earth at risk and leaving no one behind”.

Our goal as a 360º company

This is our goal as a company and we only see it as feasible if we involve every area of the organisation. We want to leave the best legacy for the next generations.

Quality Commitment

Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Management are an integral part of all our activities.

At Valdemar, we are aware that in order to meet the demands of the national and international markets, the idea of Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Management should be an integral part of all our corporate activities and decisions.

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Therefore, since 2018, we have been awarded the BRC Food Safety Certificate, representing a guarantee of the legality, safety and quality of all our products.

Environmental Commitment

At Valdemar Family, we are committed to environmental practices and awareness.

We are committed to environmental practices and we raise awareness among our stakeholders and suppliers to join us in our environmental commitment. We disclose our commitment through our wine tourism experience, implementing a variety of sustainable activities.

Wineries for Climate Protection

Since September 2022, we are proud to have been awarded the Wineries for Climate Protection seal, the first and unique specific certification for the wine sector in terms of environmental sustainability, seeking solutions and best practices for the wineries.

Social Commitment

Valdemar Family:
100% Inclusive and Accesible.

In our determination to promote accessibility and inclusion, we firmly believe that Valdemar Family is a winery open to everyone. Therefore, we have entered into several agreements with different associations to promote labor inclusion for disabled people.


The purpose of the Compliance function is to promote the development of activities and businesses in accordance with the regulations in force.

At Valdemar Family, we are committed to implementing and promoting a corporate culture of compliance within our group. This is in order to achieve an orderly and responsible management of the Companies, as well as a culture of integrity, transparency and respect for ethical norms and standards in the conduct of our business.

With this programme we show our absolute rejection of any irregular behavior in the development of our activity, mainly of those conducts that by their nature may constitute a potential crime, the prevention of which is also a primary objective of the Corporate Compliance Programme of the Valdemar Family Group.

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