Valdemar, five generations loving the terroir.

Valdemar represents five generations loving the terroir, searching for and cultivating their own land, both in Rioja and Washington for over 130 years.

Pioneering Milestones

The following have been some of our most pioneering milestones in viticulture:

  • Pioneers in the recovery of the Graciano variety in 1982.
  • First European winery with temperature control in 1985.
  • Pioneers in the creation of a 100 % Reserva Garnacha.
  • In 1989, we were pioneers in the creation of a barrel-fermented white wine in Spain.
  • Pioneers in the recovery of the Maturana grape in 2001.
  • Pioneers in biodiversity: in 2015, we launched our sustainability project in the vineyard.
  • In 2022, we created the first Gran Añada and and Viñedo Singular sparkling wine in the D.O.Ca. Rioja.

Historical Productions

We are part of the history of Rioja

As pioneers in historical winemaking and in the recovery of minority varieties such as Maturana, Graciano and White Tempranillo, we are part of the history of Rioja.

We never stop searching for lands, varieties and techniques to take the art of winemaking to the next level.


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