Our goal: "To make our wines a path to a better future”.

We allow nature to interact with our vineyards, thus enriching them and turning the vineyards into sustainable wine agroecosystems.
The fifth generation is pioneering a new way of understanding biodiversity-based viticulture.
The project will shape the future of the other family vineyards, in which we aim to enhance the diversity of the local ecosystems, thus ensuring that the vineyard plays an active part of these ecosystems.
On one hand, we thus encourage the vineyard’s sustainability, and on the other, we promote the character and personality of its grapes.

Insect hotel sustainability Valdemar Family

Some of the initiatives underway:

The use of organic matter to improve soil fertility.

Pest control system with pheromones.

Installation of protective floriculture crop covers.

Exploitation of non-productive areas without vineyards.

Reinforced vegetation.

Diversity of grape varieties.

Creation of native forests: bird nesting boxes, reptile shelters, animal drinking troughs, beehives and insect hotels.

Biological corridors.

Environmental Commitment

We have recently been awarded the international “Wineries for Climate Protection” certification.

This is the first and unique specific certification for the wine industry in terms of environmental sustainability. This certification aims to become an international benchmark in the wine and environmental industry, seeking solutions and best practices for the wineries.

At Valdemar Family, in line with our commitment to environmental protection and our pledge to sustainability, we proudly announce we have been awarded this prestigious certification, which is based on four basic pillars:

  • Carbon footprint reduction.
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency.
  • Water management.
  • Waste reduction.

“Wineries for Climate Protection”

With this nationally and internationally-renowned distinguishing seal, we aim to show our commitment and effort towards climate and sustainable development.

We never stop searching for lands, varieties and techniques to take the art of winemaking to the next level.


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