Bodegas Valdemar updates the image of its young wines

Conde Valdemar Jovenes

They present a fresh, colorful and revitalized image.

The Valdemar family is very pleased to announce the new presentations of its range of young wines under the Conde Valdemar brand.

These wines have to show a more attractive, modern and up-to-date image, and Valdemar is convinced that this new presentation makes them more competitive and attractive in the market.

They are visually more powerful and attract more attention from customers when compared to other wines in their category.

Although they breathe color, they are above all elegant, an adjective that always accompanies Conde Valdemar.

This redesign has been used to capture in them, in some small way, the work of sustainable vineyard management they are doing.

One of the most important steps is the biodiversity project which is becoming a fundamental point of its philosophy. For this reason, the flowers represented are part of the native flora of its vineyards.

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