Conde Valdemar Crianza: Timeless soul, renewed image

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Bodegas Valdemar presents the new image of Conde Valdemar Crianza: “Timeless soul, renewed image”

From within our vineyards and with the passion that has defined Bodegas Valdemar for over 130 years, we are pleased to present the new vintage of Conde Valdemar Crianza.

A wine that has been our ambassador in the world, taking with it the essence of our land to 55 countries in the five continents. And now, with a renewed image that reflects our constant evolution without losing the essence that has characterized us.

Timeless Soul, Renewed Image.

Tradition and innovation are intertwined in each bottle of Conde Valdemar Crianza. As always, this wine is a tribute to our dedication and commitment to excellence.

Conde Valdemar Crianza
Conde Valdemar Crianza

But, like a good wine, Bodegas Valdemar also evolves, adapting to new tastes and trends without losing its pioneering soul.

This is why we have decided to give a more modern and contemporary touch to the label of our best-selling wine, reflecting our ability to look to the future without forgetting our roots.

The 2019 vintage of Conde Valdemar Crianza is not just any vintage. It has been recognized as an “Excellent Vintage”, a tribute to the quality and effort we put into each harvest.

Not only that, its exceptionality has been applauded on the international scene with 90 points awarded by Wine Spectator and 90 points from James Suckling. Recognitions that fill us with pride and reaffirm our commitment to excellence.

Conde Valdemar Crianza has always been a wine to enjoy and share.

Its attractive color, fruity aromas and the delicacy of its aging make it an experience for all five senses. And with its new image, we want to invite you to rediscover it, to feel the emotion of a wine that, although evolving, remains true to its essence.

Timeless Soul, Renewed Image.
Timeless Soul, Renewed Image.

So, whether you have enjoyed Conde Valdemar Crianza for years or are about to discover it for the first time, we invite you to immerse yourself in this new vintage. To let yourself be carried away by its flavor, its aroma and the history it carries with it. Because at Bodegas Valdemar, although we look to the future, we never forget where we come from.

Discover the evolution, feel the essence, toast with Conde Valdemar Crianza.

About Bodegas Valdemar

Bodegas Valdemar is a family winery with a tradition that dates back to 1889. With more than 130 years of history, it has been recognized for its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. Its wines are the result of a unique combination of soil, climate and passion, reflecting the essence of the Rioja region and the pioneering vision of the Valdemar family.

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